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So, You want to know about a FREE recording session?

As we all know these days it is not easy to get your music out there! especially if you are a solo singer /songwriter! Who is unsigned. So if you had the chance to get your music out there then why not grab it!!! So this offer is only available to Unsigned solo artists! But if you are in a band that is struggling Get In Contact!

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Q:who is this offer open to?

A: This offer is open to unsigned singer / Songwriters

Q: How Long is the session?

A: Roughly 4 hrs

Q: How many songs can I record?

A: This session is based on recording 1 song completely, The song will be consisting of 2 tracks; Singer and Guitar/keyboard

Q: What do i need to bring with me?

A: Well – You / Guitar / Song sheet / a tempo in BPM / a Good Attitude!

Q: Do you have examples of your work?

A: Yes Have a listen to this! V

Q: Whats the catch? (There is always a catch!)

A: Well the first session is free, but…. anything after the session you will be charged! But I am hoping this free experience will promote you to book more hours with Regular Riot and explore the many services I offer!

Q: Where do I ask more information?

A: Fill out the form below to get in contact

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N.B. We do NOT Collect your email addresses for anything! We will only use them to respond to you personally 🙂

Bonus Question

Q: What are your rates?

A: Don’t really do rates! But  to see the standard rates I work on CLICK HERE But please if you want to negotiate then GET IN CONTACT! and talk!