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Making music in LOCKDOWN!

Want to get it out there to places like Facebook or YouTube?

But think it is not good enough?

Then get it interdependently checked and ‘Sudo Mastered’ to sound good on virtual media platforms now!

Pricing Starts from ONLY £11 a Song*, Follow The Link Below to get a free Quote TODAY!

So yes you could go out and spend £1000’s on the latest studio plugins and DAWs to get your DEMO out there, but why do that when you can pay a one off charge per song to make it virtual streaming ready!!

Example work

This track is called ‘Rock n Roll Woman’ by Smoke Over Elsewhere

This is the ‘Original’ Version


This is the ‘Sudo Mastered’ Version


And this song felt like it needed a little something else, so I decided to add a little reverb, and the band loved it!

Please take the time to go checkout Smoke Over Elsewhere’s Facebook Page here

So get your song Sudo mastered by Regular Riot using some of the latest plugins from such vendors as Waves, IK Muiltimedia, iZotope and OverLoud!

Replicating some of the well know studio outboard gear! Such as Neve, SSL and The Abbey Roads TG Mastering Desk

Also it will be mastered in the PreSonus Studio One 4 Mastering suite!

Pricing Starts from ONLY £11 a Song, Follow The Link Below to get a free Quote TODAY!

So what is included?

  • Totally Digital Sudo Master
  • Song Length Clipping (Stop long silences at the start or end)
  • Loudness Matching to the Streaming Standards (K12+4 Normal)
  • Fade-in and Fade-Out Adjustment 
  • Analogue emulation plugin passthrough (Depending on feel of the song)
  • Total human interaction with song (No AI Interaction)
  • Files will be delivered in Both .wav and .mp3 formats

So what is a “Sudo Master”?

This is a Regular Riot concept that basically means we can keep the price low for you! This is not a professional master! (and we strongly recommend getting any commercial recordings professionally mastered!) But what you get is your song passed through the Regular Riot Mastering Chain, with high quality music industry standard plugins to make your demo or scratch track stand up to the other great music you listen to on Facebook or YouTube! The whole process is based around 1 hour working on your song (This will include making the digital copies.)

What is not Included?

  • No Automation (only fade-in and out)
  • No Recalls
  • No Actual (real) Analogue pass through (Digital Only)
  • No Extensive plugin Tweaking (We will be using custom presets)

Pricing & Terms

  • £11 – x1 song
  • £10 – X3 to 5 Songs (Price per song, Multiple songs must be received together!)


The turn around time for the process will normally be 3 to 5 day on receipt of payment!

Please TAKE NOTE!: This service is for DEMO and SCRATCH TRACKS ONLY!

*This is a basic pricing outlay based on ‘one off use of service!’ Please get in contact for tailored pricing, as discounts may apply!

What if I’m not happy with the Sudo Master? If there is a mistake on our part like a ‘pop’ or ‘click’ that was not there in the original file we will resolve it and resend the track. If the track is just not to you taste, you can request a recall for a FEE of (£6 per recall) If you have any concerns at all please email us and we will resolve your concern as best as we can. This is not a guaranteed happiness mastering package as the price for that would range from £35 and upwards per song! But we still do aim to please! and will make your song better than the original!

What do you do now?

Follow these simple steps!

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Receive a email back confirming your file can be ‘Sudo-Mastered’
  3. Pay the attached invoice via PayPal (No PayPal Account Needed!)
  4. Wait while your Track is processed (Time to go make another song!)
  5. Receive your ‘Sudo-Mastered’ Track Via Email and Download Link!
  6. Listen
  7. Upload to your social media site! Like Facebook or Youtube!
  8. Enjoy!

Easy hey 😉

    (How to setup a download link please follow this link: Google Drive or DropBox )