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Have you got Lyrics, But no music?

Well… Regular Riot Can Help!

Yes with over 20 years of writing music in the genres of Rock, Dance, Drum N Bass, Hip Hop and Metal! We can do project sessions where you can get help producing a song that fits your lyrics.

With over 100Gb of samples in the sample library in all genres of music and connected to Loopcloud!

“Inspiration is not going to be hard to find!”


Also with a collection of 15 Guitars, Keyboard, Electronic Drum Kit and a whole host of Virtual instruments, we can work together to find the sound you are looking for.

Also to add that bit of flare to the tracks that we write Regular Riot has over 100 effect plugins (VSTs) from such companies as SoundToys, Waves, SoundSpot and GlitchMachines!

So the age old debate!!! Analogue or Digital?

Well the studio is a hybrid studio! So we can use the best of both to get the sound you are looking for!

So with the Regular Riot studio being based around a 20 channel Studiomaster analogue mixing console and an Xeon 8 core Mac pro computer, you don’t have to choose!

“You just have to try and pick the sound you like.”

Where is the Door?… I mean DAW!

Here at Regular Riot we use Presonus Studio One to create tracks and beats, utilising is full host of virtual instruments, with other 3rd party instruments from well known manufacturers !

Did I mention the studio was hybrid? Yes…. well we use a hybrid DAW for mixing Harrison Mixbus 5.1!

This is what Harrison say about it…

With dozens of DAWs to choose from, there’s only one that is designed to work like a Harrison, with an analog paradigm that embodies form, function, and sound. Where other DAWs use a computer paradigm, MIXBUS grows from Harrison’s distinguished 40-year heritage of platinum records and blockbuster films, such as Thriller, Graceland, and Spider-Man. MIXBUS is the first full-featured DAW with true analog style mixing.

Check out more here

And for tracking we use Ardour 5.12, a lightweight DAW that give the lowest possible latency for recording in the box! For more information on Ardour check out

Also using Ardour makes the process of moving from track to mixing very simple as Harrison Mixbus is built on the Ardour source code! So when we have finished the tracking, we make a copy of the session then open the copied session up in Mixbus!

So little to no downtime!!

Your Rates?

Well Regular Riot does not really do “Rates” As it is about the music!

So we urge you to…

  • Get in contact
  • Give a good description of your project
  • And tell what budget you have to work with

And you never know you might get more than what you think!

But if you really need to see rates then check out Regular Riot Rates

So where do I get a quote?

Simples fill out the form below and get in contact with all your details of your project today!!

Enquire NOW!

N.B. We do NOT Collect your email addresses for anything! We will only use them to respond to you personally 🙂