Regular Riot Portfolio

“Well music has always been in my blood” – Jethro

“That was hands down the most straightforward and no stress recording I’ve ever done. And I’m buzzed about the results!” – Pixie Styx

  • Currently
    • Producer & Host of podcast
    • Recording & Co-producing The Negotory Effect‘s First EP (Name TBA)
  • 2018
  • 2017
    • Stage manager for the No-Hate festival in 2017
  • 2013-2017
  • 2010
    • Assisting the installation of an academy’s Music Studio & Drama Studio in their new building
    • Tech/IT support for the iMedia classes (Using iMac’s)
  • 2002 – 2009
    • Taking time away from music, working in IT/Electronics/Engineering (But still playing Guitar Every Day!)
  • 2001
    • Studied Preforming arts at College, Creating background music for performances, as well as managing sound & lighting in the theatre environment
    • Music technology enrichment as part of my 1st diploma in preforming arts
  • 2000
    • In secondary school as well as being the music departments prefect,
    • 2 weeks work experience at Copro Records, learning all the in & outs of a record company
  • The Early Years
    • It all started with making dance tracks on eJay connecting two PC’s though a guitar effects pedal at the age of 9!
    • From the age of 14 till 16 playing guitar in a school band
    • Recording & making Dance/ DnB with Nuendo 1.0 till age of 16

Sample Recordings

Damp Patch by Pixie Styx, recorded & mixed by Regular Riot (Follow Pixie Styx on Facebook)

Viaceslav Klimasevskij Medley, recorded by Regular Riot

Production & Song Writing

These are some examples of music writing done under the name Regular Riot

Sample Mixes

When it comes to mixing sometimes it is nice to hear a sample mix, all three mixes here can be downloaded & listened to, so you can compare.


“American Winter” By Lij Shaw of Recording Studio Rockstars Podcast,

This song is off his instrumental album “Skadoosh!” You will find in this mix I have emphasised on the bass cutting through the middle. with the melody of the guitars clearly heard at the edges.

Find out more about Skadoosh! at also make sure you check out an listen to his podcast! As it has been a great adventure listening to many music professionals, while I sit at my day job making Guitar and XLR cables, Thanks Lij!


“Blame it on the Whiskey” by Robert Jon & the Wreck

When mixing this song I did not really focus any one part of this song as I just wanted to mix it as I heard it. So other than employing my unique vocal thickening this could be regarded as a standard mix. If you wish to compare this track to the released please bare in mind the released track it mastered 

The multi-tracks for this song have been provided by “Produce like a pro” you can find many other multi-tracks on there website here Would like to give a big thank you to Warren Huart as his YouTube channel has been an amazing part of getting my skills back up to date!


‘Coffee Cab’ By Spectre Media Group (

So this is just a standard metal mix giving you an idea of what I like to do with multi-tracked guitars, there are 4 rhythm guitars, panned in a configuration of two far right/left and two brought in half way right/left to give that full wall of distortion, with the bass guitar cutting straight up the center!

Well what can I say I am a “Metal Head” at heart,So when I found that Glenn Fricker of “Spectre Media Group” had a metal multi-track well I clicked faster than the Waves Christmas plugin sale. Glenn runs an amazing YouTube Channel, where he is very out spoken and honest about gear check it out