Pre-Production Services

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BPM Maps? | Chord Sheets? | Time Changes? | Scratch Tracks?

All a little confusing?????

Well before you hit the studio, and waste hours doing admin at premium rates, why not get it all sorted before you do!! And at a lower cost!

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So what can Regular Riot help with?

  • Working out and creating BPM maps
  • Arranging your songs
  • Creating Chord sheets
  • Recording Scratch Tracks
  • Recording check lists
This is an example of a Chord Sheet, for the band #ThemBelow


This is a simple pay by the hour service, at a rate of £11p/hr

These session will not include any professional recording and will be for only getting the artist or band ready to hit the studio!

Please Note: All fees must be paid in advanced, unless other wise agreed where a 50% deposit will be required in advance, you will get out what you put in!

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