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Please take note! These are standard rates, and do not represent the final session price, please get in contact if you have any questions and get a tailored quote to meet your requirements.

Studio Recording Rates

P/Hr £16.00 (Min 2hrs Session)
Full Day (Weekend) £150.00 10:00 to 20:00
Half Day (Weekend) £80.00 10:00 to 14:30
15:30 to 20:00
Week Day Evening £45.00 17:00 to 20:00

This rate is suitable for recording

  • Solo singer / songwriter
  • Duo acts (Non Drums)
  • 4/5 person band not recording drums (Drums can be recorded off site)
  • Rap / Hiphop song production
  • Dance and EDM production
  • Overdubs to pre recorded tracks
  • Voice-over work for podcast/YouTube videos

Studio recording rates are base on working from the Regular Riot Studio in Nottingham, which includes utilising all the studio equipment and instruments. Which the session will be lead by Jethro as the audio engineer, you are required to provide the name of who is producing your work at the time of quote or a minimum standard Charge of £5 p/Hr will be applied for production services given by house engineer.

Remote Recording Rates

2 Channel Rig £16:00 P/hr (Min 1hr Session)
4 Channel Rig TBC Get In Contact For Details
8 Channel Rig £20.00 P/hr (Min 4hrs Session)
16 Channel Rig £35.00 P/hr (Min 6hrs Session)

Remote recording sessions are based on tracking instruments and vocals only, this does not include mixing.

All Remote recording is priced per hour, if you want a day rate quote please get in contact for a personal quote.

Mixing Rates

Unattended Attended
1 Song £50:00 £65.00
5 Songs £200.00 £250.00
10 Songs £400.00 £500.00

Mixing rates are based on 3 hrs mixing per song, this also includes 2 recalls of the song only!

Recalls after the initial 2 recalls will be charged at £20 per recall

Attended sessions are priced different as these session will need to be done in working hours.


If you are not paying in full before your session, a 50% deposit of the whole quoted price will apply. The deposit will only be repaid if Regular Riot cancels the session, no repayment of the deposit will be given for any other reason! The full amount of the session must be paid up before any full media (stems and final mixes) is released to you.

Please get in contact if you have any questions regarding this.

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N.B. We do NOT Collect your email addresses for anything! We will only use them to respond to you personally 🙂